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In compliance with Law 34/2002, 11th July, on Services to the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, we inform you that we use cookies in “Metzger Translations” websites and applications, in order to ease and improve browsing by users, by remembering where browsing took place in the website, preferences and display preferences and settings, and by offering each user information of their interest.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file downloaded to the computer or device you use (smartphone, tablet, smart tv…) to access certain websites or applications. Cookies allow, among other things, gathering statistics information, to ease certain technical functionalities, to store and retrieve information on certain navigation habits or preferences of a user or their team and, depending on the information contained and the way their equipment is used, they can be used to recognize the user. A cookie is stored in a computer in order to identify the browser while interacting with our websites or applications. A website can set a cookie in a browser if the preferences allow it. A browser only permits a website to access cookies set by itself, not those set by other websites.

Why are cookies so important?

“Metzger Translations” use these cookies for operational purposes (for example, session cookies), and to facilitate use, to make web browsing easier and friendlier, for example, by remembering user features such as language, country, browser, etc… Certain cookies are fundamental to use our services.

Types of cookies

Technical cookies: to help improve the quality of our service, including the storage of user preferences, search results and to trace user trends.

Statistical cookies: they gather information regarding the visit date, the URL and the name of the visited webpage. The reports generated with this information are merely statistical and provide information on browsing information anonymously.

Session cookies: they store information regarding the type of user, storing their user nick in order not to type it in every page, and it also stores encrypted information and information regarding the user’s favourite points.

Analytical cookies: they are used to follow up the search engine from where the website was visited and which search terms were used to find it. They store the time spent on the website in each session and the number of times the user visited the webpage.

The following cookies are used in this web:

Own cookies

Cookie Name Purpose
Technical cookie_notice_accepted Cookie used to remind the user of accepting the privacy policy.
Technical _icl_current_language, _icl_visitor_lang_js, wpml_browser_redirect_test, wpml_referer_url These cookies are used to detect the user language and to apply it correctly.

Other cookies

Third party cookies are installed to all visitors on “Metzger Translations” website, even if they are not registered users of the relevant platforms. For example, YouTube cookies.

Types of cookies by expire date

Cookies used on “Metzger Translations” are persistent, that is to say, they are permanently installed in your browser and are activated every time you visit the site, as long as you do not deactivate their use.

Cookies settings

In order to know how to set up the management of cookies in your browser you can visit the following links of the main browsers and devices:

-For Internet Explorer™ -For Safari™ -For Chrome™ -For Firefox™ -For Opera™ -For Edge

Cookies acceptance

When accessing this website or application for the first time, a window will come up where you are informed about the use of cookies and where the “Cookies policy” can be looked up. If you accept the use of cookies, you continue browsing or you click in any link, you are deemed to have accepted our cookies policy and therefore the installation of them in your equipment or device.

If you wish, you can change the cookies settings at any time, by setting your computer to accept, or not, the cookies you receive or to tell the browser to warn you when a server intends to store a cookie. Should you block or not accept the installation of cookies, it is possible that certain services will not be available without cookies or that you won’t be able to access certain services. Furthermore, you may not maximize what our websites and applications have to offer.

“Metzger Translations” thanks you for accepting cookies as this fact helps us to obtain more precise data to improve the content and the design of our websites and applications to adapt them to your preferences.

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