Legal Notice

In compliance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (EC-ISSL), we inform the users about the data on the company that owns this website:


-Corporate Name: Traducciones Técnicas Metzger S.L.
-CIF / NIF: B64389711
-Trade name: Metzger Translations
-Registered Office: Roger de Llúria, 44 7-3 – 08009 Barcelona (Spain)
-Safety Manager: [Javier Metzger Torelló] (
-Data Protection Officer: [Javier Metzger Torelló] (


-Telephone: +34 933 174 481
-Online Contact Form:


-Registered in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona: Register 3, Volume 39158 Sheet: 49 Page: B-339853
-Record of Processing in compliance with GDPR: Customers/Providers, Video surveillance, Employees, Personnel selection and Web users.
-Domain name (website):

“Traducciones Técnicas Metzger S.L” (hereinafter, “Metzger Translations”), responsible for the website, places at the disposal of users the present document with which it intends to comply with the obligations established in Law 34/2002, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (EC-ISSL), as well as informing all users of the website about its conditions of use.

Any person accessing this website assumes the role of user, committing itself to the strict observance and compliance with the provisions herein, as well as to any other legal provision that is applicable.

“Metzger Translations” reserves the right to modify any information that may appear on the website, without there being an obligation to pre-notify or inform users of such obligations, understanding as sufficient with the publication on the website.

“Metzger Translations” is deeply committed to compliance with Spanish regulations on the protection of personal data, and guarantees full compliance with the obligations set forth, as well as the implementation of the security measures provided in art. 9 of Law 15/1999, of Personal Data Protection (PDPOL), its Development Regulation and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679. In accordance with these regulations, we inform you that the use of our website requires you to provide certain personal data through registration or contact forms, or by sending emails, and that these will be subjected to processing by “Metzger Translations”. The referred delivery of the personal data constitutes the express consent to the processing of the same, although of a revocable nature. More information in our “Privacy Policy”.

The website, which includes but is not limited to its programming, edition, compilation and other elements necessary for its functioning, the designs, logos, text and/or graphics are property of “Metzger Translations” or, in his case, he has a license or express authorization by the authors.

All the contents of the website are duly protected by the rules of intellectual and industrial property, as well as registered in the corresponding public records, and the total or partial reproduction and/or publication of the website or its computer processing, distribution, dissemination, modification or transformation requires prior written authorization by the provider.

The designs, logos, text and/or graphics not belonging to “Metzger Translations” and which may appear on the website, are the property of their respective owners who remain responsible of any possible controversy that may arise in respect thereof. In any case, “Metzger Translations” has the express prior authorization from them. “Metzger Translations” acknowledges in favour of its owners the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights., not involving their mere mention or appearance on the website, the existence of any rights or liability of the provider on them, nor endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation by the party of the same.

The user can use the material included in this website for their personal and private use, but it is prohibited to use it for commercial purposes. “Metzger Translations” will ensure the previous conditions will be complied with and the correct use of the content shown in its webpages by exercising all the relevant civil and criminal actions in the event of the user’s breach or non-compliance of these rights.

The present Terms of Use of the website will be governed in any respect by Spanish law. The language of drafting and interpretation of this legal notice is Spanish. Spanish law will apply to the resolution of all the controversies or matters related to this present website or the activities developed therein and the parties expressly subject themselves to such law. The courts and tribunals of Barcelona will be competent to solve all the conflicts derived or related to its use.

Privacy Policy

“Metzger Translations” informs its website users on its policy on the users and clients’ personal data treatment and protection that could be collected during browsing, product purchasing or service contracting through its website. In this sense, “Metzger Translations” guarantees the compliance with current regulations on protection of personal data shown in Organic Law 15/1999, 13 December, on Personal Data Protection and Royal Decree 1720/2007, 21 December, whereby the Development Regulation of the PDPOL and in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

In compliance with current law on the field of data protection, we inform users as follows: In “Metzger Translations”, we have adopted the technical and organizational measures in accordance with provisions in said laws. The personal data gathered in the forms are exclusively handled by the staff at “Metzger Translations” or by those in charge of handling as established in this document. Security measures adapted to the data provided have been adopted and besides, all the means and technical measures available to the company have been installed to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, authorized access and theft of the data provided.

The Client or User states that all the data provided by them are true and accurate and they undertake to keep them up to date. They undertake to communicate “Metzger Translations” any modification to such data. The user shall be responsible of the truthfulness of data and they shall be solely responsible of any disputes or litigation that may result from any falsehood. In order to keep personal data updated, it is important that the user reports to “Metzger Translations” any modification occurring in them. On the contrary, we cannot be held responsible as to their truthfulness.

PDPOL and GPDR grant those interested the possibility of exercising a series of rights related to the treatment of personal data. As far as the user data are object of treatment by “Metzger Translations”, the relevant users can exercise their rights. To do so, the user may contact the company by email at or by letter to the address in our legal warning, always showing identity (DNI or passport). Such communication must include the following information: Name and surname of user, application request, address and identity data.

Rights must be exercised by the users themselves. However, they can be executed by authorised person as the legal representative of the right-holder. In that case, the representation of the right holder must be evidenced with the relevant documents.

The user may request the exercise of the following rights:

  • Right to access personal data.
  • Right to request their modification (when inaccurate) or removal.
  • Right to request a limitation of their treatment, in which case, they will only be kept by “Metzger Translations” for the exercise or the defence of their claims.
  • Right to stop their treatment: “Metzger Translations” will stop handling their data except when data must be treated for the legitimate reasons or due to the exercise or the defence of possible claims.
  • Right to data transfer: should the user wish data to be treated by another company, “Metzger Translations” shall facilitate such transfer to the new company.

In the event consent had been granted for any specific purpose, the user is entitled to withdraw that consent at any time, and that will not affect the lawfulness of the treatment based on the consent prior withdrawal.

If a user thinks there is a problem with the way “Metzger Translations” is handling their data, they can address their concerns to the Security Manager or the relevant data protection authority, the Spanish Data Protection Agency in this case.

Disaggregated data shall be stored sine die. With regard Client data, the personal data storage period shall vary depending on the service contracted by the Client. In any case, it shall be the minimum necessary, up to:

  • 4 years: Law on Breaches and Penalties in the Labour and Social Security field (obligations in the field of registration with social security, activation, termination, social security contributions, payment of salaries…); Arts 66 et seq. General Tax Law (Accounting records)
  • 5 years: Art. 1964 Civil Code (Personal actions without special term)
  • 6 years: Art. 30 Commerce Code (accounting records, invoices…)
  • 10 years: Art. 25 Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Prevention Law.

The users of mail lists or those uploaded by “Metzger Translations” to RRSS pages or profiles will be kept until the user withdraws their consent.

Candidate data (C.V.), if any: In the event the applicant is not selected, “Metzger Translations” shall be able to keep their C.V. stored for up to two years, in order to include it in future recruitment procedures, except when the applicant states otherwise.

“Metzger Translations” is obliged to inform its website users about the personal data gathering that may take place, be it through electronic mail or when filling the forms included in this website. In this sense, “Metzger Translations” is deemed the Manager of the data collected through the means described above.

Also, “Metzger Translations” informs users that the purpose of the treatment of collected data includes the processing of applications made by users, their addition to contact lists, product and service rendering and the management of their business relationship. Operations, processing and technical proceedings carried out automatically or non-automatically allowing the gathering, the storage, the modification, the transfer and other actions on personal data protection shall be deemed personal data treatment.

“Metzger Translations” provides the users with a series of electronic means for the collection and treatment of personal data with the previously mentioned purposes. Personal data provided electronically, be it electronically, through the contact list forms of this web or online contracting will be used for the commercial and administrative management of clients and users of this company. These data will be treated through its own servers and Microsoft’s. The latter is also the company in charge of rendering email services and which shall be deemed Treatment Manager.

As established in EC-ISSL, “Metzger Translations” undertakes not to send promotional communication without identifying them first as such. To these purposes, information sent to clients for the maintenance of the existing contractual relationship shall not be deemed promotional communication.

In any case, only precise data in order to carry out the contracted service or to adequately deal with the information request shall be collected.

Sometimes, the personal data shall be provided through links to third party websites. In this case, “Metzger Translations” staff shall have no access to the personal data the Client provides to such third parties.

The applicant sending electronic communications to “Metzger Translations”, for the purpose of accessing personnel selection procedures organised by the Entity authorizes us to analyse the documents sent (for example, C.V.), all the content directly accessible through Internet browsers (for example, Google), the profiles kept in professional social networks (for example, LinkedIn), the data obtained in access tests and the information disclosed in the work place, in order to assess its application and be able, if applicable, to offer them a position. In the event the applicant is not selected, “Metzger Translations” shall be able to keep their C.V. stored for up to two years, in order to include it in future recruitment procedures, except when the applicant states otherwise.

“Metzger Translations” shall not assign nor communicate data to third parties, except in those legally provided cases or when the rendering of a service implies the need of a contractual relationship with the person in charge of the treatment, and in any case in accordance with the general terms approved by the user before contracting it. So, when contracting our services, the user accepts that some of them could, totally or partially, be subcontracted to other people or companies, who will have the consideration of Treatment Manager, with whom the relevant confidentiality agreement has been subscribed, or their privacy policies established in their respective webpages adhered to. It is also accepted that some of the personal data be provided to these Treatment Managers, when necessary for the effective rendering of the contracted service. The user may refuse to assign their data to the Treatment Managers, by written petition, by any of the means mentioned above.

The information provided by the client shall have, in any case, the consideration of confidential and it shall not be used for any purpose other than the services or products acquired from “Metzger Translations”. “Metzger Translations” undertakes not to divulge nor to disclose information regarding the client’s requirements, the reasons of the advice sought or the duration of their relationship.

This privacy and data protection policy was drafted on 25 May 2018, and it will be subject to variations based on changes to regulations and case law taking place. It is the duty of the data right-holder to read the updated document in order to know their rights and obligations in this regard at any given time.

Terms of Use

This Website includes texts prepared for merely informative purposes that cannot reflect the current state of the law or case-law, and that refer to general situations, and therefore, its content should not necessarily be applied by the user to specific cases.

The services offered by “Metzger Translations” are detailed in this website: Its use implies the acceptance of the following conditions, and the user waives their right to any complaint in its regard:

a) The use of this website is aimed at people of legal age.

b) “Metzger Translations” can modify the content of this website, its services, fees, guarantees, etc., at any time and without prior notice.

c) “Metzger Translations” can make available to the user links or other elements permitting access to other websites belonging to third parties. We do not market products and services of such linked pages and therefore we do not accept any responsibility connected to them, to the information contained in them, to its veracity or lawfulness, or to any effects derived from them. In any case, “Metzger Translations” states it shall proceed to withdraw immediately any content which could contravene national or international legislation, public morals or public policy and it will proceed to withdraw immediately redirection to such website and reporting the relevant content to the competent authorities.

d) The prices mentioned in the web, if there are any, will be valid except typing errors and they will be liable to changes without prior notice.

e) It is not necessary to register on the website nor to provide any type of personal data in order to browse it.

f) “Metzger Translations” cannot guarantee the non-stop or error-free working of this website. Therefore, we do not accept any responsibility for the damage caused by the use of this website.

g) “Metzger Translations” offers its services and products indefinitely. However, it can suspend the rendering of them unilaterally and without prior notice.

h) “Metzger Translations” shall not be responsible for the damages and economic loss, caused to the client or third parties as a result of misuse of this web by the client.

i) The user undertakes to refrain from using this web or the services offered in it to carry out activities which are against the law, public policy or these terms.

j) “Metzger Translations” shall not be responsible for the viruses originating in an electronic transfer and included by third parties with the purpose of causing negative results to a computer system.

k) “Metzger Translations” shall not be responsible of the information and content stored, without limitation, in fora, chats, blog generators, comments, social networks or any other media permitting third parties to publish content independently in the web page of the provider. Notwithstanding the above, and in compliance with provisions 11 and 16 of EC-ISSL, “Metzger Translations” offers assistance to all users, authorities and security forces, and cooperates actively in the withdrawal and when applicable, blocking of all the contents affecting or breaching national or international law, third party rights, public morals or public policy. In the event a user believed the website includes any content which could be classified as above, he is asked to notify it immediately to the web administrator.

l) This website has been reviewed and proved to work correctly. In principle, its correct working can be guaranteed 365 days a year and 24 hours per day. Notwithstanding the above, “Metzger Translations” cannot exclude the existence of programming errors, or “force majeure”, environmental catastrophes, strikes or similar circumstances to take place, preventing access to the website.

m) The opinions shown do not necessarily reflect the points of view of “Metzger Translations”. The content of the articles published in this website cannot be deemed, in any case, as equivalent to legal advice. The user must not act on the information contained in this website without consulting professional advice first.

To sum up, the user is the sole responsible of using the services, contents and links included in this website.

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